Rihanna’s Father Needs To Stop Talking Now

Is Rihanna’s dad just trolling? I mean, that’s the only explanation for the insane statements that come out of this man’s mouth? I cannot figure out another way to justify his recent statement that Rihanna and Chris Brown make the “perfect couple.”

No, not that they seemed like the perfect couple before Brown brutally beat Rihanna the night of the Grammy’s in 2009. Ronald Fenty was saying that the two would be the perfect couple now, after all that domestic abuse dust has settled.

How could a father forgive the man who beat his daughter? Well, “Chris has matured a lot,” he says. “I think everybody has to put the past behind them.” That is an amazing level of forgiveness there, I have to say.

Of course, this is not the first ridiculous comment to come from the pop star’s dad. He recently boasted that he encouraged his daughter to work out by calling her fat. Then there was the time that he called Chris a “nice guy” and maintained that everyone makes mistakes. Which might be true, but has nothing to do with whether all mistakes are forgivable. Overall, he’s shown more than once that he’s supportive of Rihanna’s and Chris’s relationship. He’s also shown an obvious desire to gain a little press for himself by making such comments.

The Rihanna – Chris Brown story line does, at times, seem like a pop culture trauma that none of us can let go. In a time when no single news story lasts more than a couple weeks, this horrible incident has had a lot of longevity. And I think that’s happened for a lot of reasons.

The first is that domestic abuse gets so little press coverage under any other circumstance. If the victim isn’t already famous, it’s pretty much a line item on the local news and nothing else. This was one very high profile example of a huge national problem. It’s still one of the most recognized issues of domestic abuse in recent pop culture. So it’s a constant reference point for anyone discussing the issue.

The other real reason that so many people, including myself, seem reluctant to forget this incident, is because there’s been a lack of understanding from some about the severity of the issue. The fact is that Chris Brown continues to act like assaulting your partner is just no big deal, like it’s something that you should be able to bounce back from after a few months of solitude. His complete lack of remorse has been a major issue for those who make a living commenting on pop culture. And another prime example of brushing off a serious situation is Rihanna’s dad. He makes statements about this “nice guy” and them being the “perfect couple.” He seems completely content to gloss over what was a huge issue.

If either of these men really want the public to forget about Chris’s attack, the need to acknowledge how awful it was. Chris needs to seem committed to controlling his anger and becoming a better person. And Rihanna’s father needs to seem like he actually cares about his daughter and her well-being. It is the behavior of these men that continues to make this issue newsworthy.

(Photo: Will Alexander/WENN.com)

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