Kim Kardashian Plans To Take Baby On Tour With Kanye In A Few Months Because She Has No Idea How Hard It Is To Parent A Newborn

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shutterstock_136960085__1368809092_142.196.167.223When pregnant friends who haven’t had kids yet tell me about their grandiose plans after baby is born, I usually just smile and nod and say something along the lines of, That sounds great! Why rain on their parade? They’ll learn on their own after baby is born that it’s never business as usual. So Kim Kardashian plans to take her three-month-old on tour with Kanye West? That sounds great!

TMZ reports when Kanye leaves for his tour, Kim and baby are going along for the ride: “the touring company has already been given orders to arrange for cribs and soundproof hotel rooms at every stop.”

Okay. In theory – that sounds great. But do you remember what it was like to have a three-month-old? The no sleep, the constant feeding – I know I just wanted to be around the comforts of home. Having a newborn is hard enough as it is without throwing in a bunch of travelling.

Admittedly, Kim isn’t a commoner like myself. She’ll have nannies and endless amounts of help and she may actually feel comfortable leaving her newborn for extended periods of time so she can enjoy touring around the globe with Kanye. Or she may be totally attached to baby, not want to leave it’s side, and resent the hell out of Kanye for going about business as usual while she is trapped on a tour bus with a crying infant. Nah. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the former.

Do celebrities have the same struggles as the rest of us parents do? Do they sleep for three hours a night when their children are newborns? Do they breastfeed every hour and a half? Maybe they don’t. Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about. Maybe the fact that Kim Kardashian is richer than God will make her parenting experience completely different from mine, and a tour around the world with her rockstar baby daddy will be the easiest, most normal thing in the world.

Good for you, Kim. That sounds great!

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