Google Will Strong-Arm Santa Into Calling Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

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shutterstock_117453922In case you were doubting how powerful Google is, it seems they even control Santa. Seriously. Santa will send a free personalized email or phone call to your loved one because Google told him to. Santa may be a yes man, but it turns out he has a pretty good sense of humor, too.

Send a Call from Santa will make a call or send an email for you. You can personalize your message, which is actually a pretty fun way to waste some time on the Internet. We all need more ways to waste time on the Internet, don’t we? My favorite is, but this is a close second. I apologize in advance for the amount of time you’ll spend on today.

First you’ll have to agree to some terms and conditions because, “Even Santa has a legal team.” After you agree to that, you answer a variety of questions to personalize your greeting.  If Santa can’t pronounce your loved ones name, he gives you a list of nicknames to choose from, including Hottie, Homeskillet, or Brother From Another Mother. Santa is hip! Then you tell Santa what your relationship is, choosing from things like “Bestie” or “Boo.” This site is actually making be believe that Santa might be a 13-year-old girl.

Then you get to choose your recipient’s profession, picking from options like Baby Daddy, Elvis Impersonator, Ninja, and Accountant. You can seriously send an email to your Ninja boyfriend who lives in The Hood and wants a pair of jeggings for Christmas. I’ve always wanted to hear Santa utter the word, “jeggings,” haven’t you? I actually like to hear anyone utter the word “jeggings” because that very concept makes me laugh hysterically.

I don’t want to give up any more details, because I don’t want to ruin the whole experience for you. I’ll just say this – Santa is funny. This could be exciting and maybe a little confusing for kids, but it’s a pretty fun thing to send your friends. Maybe I’m just a dork, but I think it’s cute.

Spread some holiday cheer. Send a call from Santa or track his trip across the globe on Christmas Eve with Santa Tracker. You know your kids will love that. Unless you’re one of those parents who believes in killing Christmas by telling your kids the truth. In which case, I got nothin’.

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