10 Ways To Spookify Your Food For Scary Busy Parents On Halloween

32a76c2135f8a6b2a9edee291bdd06faI love making cute spooky food before I send my monsters out into the world to beg for candy from our neighbors. Depending on how complicated their costumes are, I have in the past resorted to pizza but I think it’s more fun to make Halloween night dinner be more of an event, and I have served it both ways, before they have gone out trick or treating or after they have arrived home, with scary movies or music playing in the background, and by candlelight, of course. But because we are all parents and we tend to be busy parents, some of the recipes you find online can be a bit complicated, especially if you are stopping by grandma’s house first so she can ohh and ahh over your little witch or angry bird. Or you may want to add something spooky for breakfast or as an after-school snack, and don’t feel up to mummifying an entire meatloaf. Here are some simple things you can make that won’t force you to spend your Halloween slaving over a stove.

Eyes On Grapes 



All you need are candy eyes sold by Wilton and a dab of corn syrup to attach them, just make sure your grapes are dry.

Actually, You Can Add These Eyeballs To Anything 


From 30 Handmade Days, I love how the simple addiction of eyeballs makes this healthy snack spoooooky.

Candy Corn Fruit Cups 



I think I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like candy corn, well, except Moose A Moose , but I love this idea from Kitchen Life Of A Navy Wife using fruit instead.

Strawberry Ghosties  

strawberry-ghosts-96b From Candi Quick, these ghosts are made using strawberries, mini chocolate chips, and white candy coating. Easy. They just need to haunt your refrigerator while the candy sets.

 Spooky Spider Snack 



Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons came up with this awesome idea using a plum, pretzel sticks and grapes.

Owl Sandwiches 



Here are some candy eyes again. Basically, just add eyes to everything! Four Corner foodies made these adorable guys also using carrot pieces for noses.

Octopus Pies 



How great this this? You could easily do soup or chili or pot pie in a ramekin and add your puff pastry or rolled out pizza dough into a tentacle shape and add some olives for eyes. I think I will be doing this one.

 Scary Pasta 



If you are going to make pasta anyway, you may as well art direct it by placing olives on meatballs.

A Yogurt Ghost 


From Canadian Family, a ghost. Made from vanilla yogurt and raisins. This is so easy I’m going to make yogurt ghosts every day from now on. Even at Christmas. It can be like the ghost of Christmas present yogurt.

 Ghost Milk 

ghost milk


Amanda wins at being a Halloween mom because all she did at Crafts and Arts for children is take plain plastic cups, draw some spooky faces on them, and put milk in them. But it’s so brilliant!

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