Style Trends For Women In 2019 Will Update Your Wardrobe In All The Right Ways

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Image: iStock / Maksym Azovtsev

Now, let’s be honest with ourselves, ladies: we don’t really need another excuse to buy clothes or accessories, right? A pair of jeans here, a new pair of sunglasses there, we’re constantly adding to our wardrobe when we have the chance! When a new trend or must-have comes out, we must have it. But we’re not the type to completely overhaul our entire wardrobe to fit the ever-changing trends. It’s all about statement pieces that stand the test of time. The style trends for women in 2019, as predicted by Pinterest, will help you refresh your closet and style just enough to keep you on-trend.

Style trends for women in 2019 are all about looking good but being comfortable.

The days of traipsing around in 4-inch heels are behind us! We’re all about comfortable style these days. Slip into a pair of statement sneakers in 2019, and keep your feet happy and your outfit game on point. Speaking of comfort, 2019 is looking out for us in some pretty big ways. Wrap dresses and robe silhouettes will be all the rage next year (goodbye, crop tops and body con dresses!). And even though they’re not our cup of tea, bike shorts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon – searches for biker shorts on Pinterest have surged an insane 1323%.

When it comes to prints, we’ll be saying goodbye to leopard and cheetah in 2019. The New Year is all about snakeskin, from bags to belts to shoes and even pants and skirts. And thank goodness for this flattering style trend: ruching is going to be everywhere, from gowns to pants and coats.

Accessory style trends for women in 2019 are bold and timeless.

Giving your wardrobe a refresh in 2019 is as easy as adding a few amazing accessories. Bamboo handbags are cute and versatile (searches for this adorable bag are up 2215% on Pinterest!). Go full-mod with big, bold sunglasses. From classic oval to blocky oval, the mod sunglasses are where it’s at in 2019. And don’t forget jewelry! Tortoise is timeless and goes with everything, so make sure to add a few key pieces to your jewelry box in the New Year.

We can’t wait to try so many of these style trends for women in 2019! The bamboo bag might be our absolute favorite.

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