Mom’s Funny Pregnancy Announcement Goes Out to All the Cursing Moms

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Finding out you’re pregnant can usually go one of two ways: pure joy, or a moment of OH SHIT followed by joy. One mom decided to make a funny pregnancy announcement that captured her very honest reaction to finding out she was pregnant with baby #3, and parents everywhere are like, oh yeah, that sounds about right! Courtney Woods is a mother of two, and when she found out she was expecting her third, her immediate reaction was definitely relatable.

A funny pregnancy announcement:

The post shows her two adorable daughters standing under the numbers 1 and 2. Then there’s Courtney and her bump. Instead of the twee 3 above her belly, she decided to go with something a little more real.

“Oh Shit” is 100% an acceptable reaction to a positive pregnancy test!

Courtney tells POPSUGAR, “Oh shit is literally the first thing I thought of when I saw those positive tests. I mean, don’t most people secretly think that?!” She goes on to say that baby #3 wasn’t exactly planned, so it was even more surprising. Courtney has polycystic ovary syndrome, which can affect fertility and make conceiving difficult. Because of her condition, she was told she would likely need fertility treatments to conceive.

“Between the thought of being outnumbered and being totally shocked I was pregnant again, that is all I could say,” said Courtney.

We can totally relate! And we love that Courtney to announce this newest baby with a funny pregnancy announcement. Sometimes all you can do is laugh, right? Apparently Courtney has gotten a lot of questions about why she chose “Oh Shit” to announce her pregnancy. She goes into detail about finding out she was pregnant unexpectedly in a recent blog post, and addresses some of those questions.

Courtney says, “Oh shit. That was the first thing that I said as I stood there looking at 25 pee filled sticks. Oh shit, I’m pregnant. Oh shit, that doctor was SO wrong when he said I would need treatments to conceive.” We have to say, if it takes 25 pee sticks for it to register that you’re pregnant, OH SHIT is absolutely an honest reaction!

We’re so happy for Courtney and her growing family, and wish them all the best! And we love seeing a funny pregnancy announcement that keeps it real. We can’t all be Beyoncé, we’re just not that fierce. But we can ALL relate to having an OH SHIT moment when that line shows up!

(Image: Instagram / @roseandmarigold)