TGI Friday Open Thread: I’m Here To Help You Calm Your Ragey Self Down

166131884I’m stressed. Is anyone else? I’m not talking about the kind of intense stress that someone is under when they are going through something devastating. Nothing devastating is happening in my life right now.  I’m talking about the feeling of never fully being in a relaxed state. Does anyone else have this problem?

Yesterday, at the end of the day when I had finished writing, I realized that I hadn’t fully relaxed my neck and shoulders once all day. That is not normal behavior. I took a deep breath and sort of let my arms relax and thought, “how long have I been tensing up these muscles?” Then I let my face relax and felt the same feeling. Do I just stay in a perpetually tense state all day? I don’t even consider myself that high-strung.

So I took to the Internet and found the most amazing site that I have since shared with everyone in the Mommyish offices and want to now share with you:

I don’t want to call it “guided meditation,” because I always fail at that. Let’s just call it a “break.” It’s a site that plays some amazing, calming music and shows the most mesmerizing images. If you put on some headphones, let it fill your screen and zone out on it – it’s almost impossible to not feel a little more relaxed. Try it now. I’m serious. Do it for two minutes.

Did it work for you? Do you feel a little better than before? What’s stressing you out? Does everyone walk around like this – in a perpetual state of tense?

I want to know what people do to calm themselves down when they feel this happening to them. What do you do to give yourself a break? It seems like during the week I usually opt for my usual glass of wine when I finally finish everything I have to do for the day and get the kids down – but obviously I need to try a little harder.

But… TGIF! Is everyone else as excited as Eve seems to be to watch Flowers in the Attic on Saturday night? I never read it because my sister owned it and the image on the cover chilled me to the core. I’m going to have to get over my phobia and watch it though, because Eve will be live-tweeting it and I may be moved to join her.

Also, we will be covering the SAG awards so don’t forget to come check in on the site Saturday night so we can discuss.

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