Courtney Stodden Celebrates Easter In A White Bikini And Bunny Ears

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Courtney Stodden EasterAnother holiday, another reason for a fetishized photo shoot from everyone’s favorite child bride Courtney Stodden.

After the pumpkin patch debacle around Halloween when Stodden and her AARP-eligible husband, Doug Hutchinson, were asked to leave a local patch because their provocative PDA was upsetting other customers, the couple thankfully chose to have their shoot in a secluded area. Stodden frolicked through a wooded area doing suggestive poses with carrots and bending over to pick up eggs.

It’s interesting that Stodden routinely chooses to take child traditions and turn them into explicit pictures. From the pumpkin patch at Halloween to the sexy Santa shoot at Christmas and now the Easter bunny. Apparently every holiday is an opportunity for Stodden’s infamous arm band to show itself.

I know we’ve beaten this point to death, but it seems like we should remind everyone that Stodden in not the 30 year old she looks like. She’s not even in her mid-twenties. Even though it seems like she’s been pulling this type of stunt for a decade now, Stodden is still 17 years old.

When I was 17, I was a junior in high school. I had a midnight curfew, took trips to the mall with my girlfriends and got in trouble if my shirt didn’t quite meet the waist of my jeans.

This 17 year old is married to a man three times her age and selling herself as a highly sexual piece of pop culture fodder.

Each time I see a new set of pictures like this, I have to wonder what her actual holidays were like as a child. And I feel a tug of sympathy for the young woman who has turned herself into a circus sideshow attraction to gain attention and press.

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