Heartbreaking: Mom Sought After Pulling Child From Hospital Cancer Treatment

A mother of a little girl in Phoenix is going through every parent’s worst nightmare – her daughter is dying of cancer. Now she is being sought by police for pulling her child from a hospital cancer treatment, and walking out the door.

Hospital staff and authorities are concerned for the girl, “Emily,” because she still has a catheter in her chest that needs to be “medically removed.” They fear that if the child succumbs to an infection, she could die in a matter of days.

Heartbreaking surveillance footage from ABC News shows the mother and the little girl walking the halls of the hospital an IV still attached to the girl’s arm. The mother removed the IV before walking out the door with her daughter. The little girl also recently had her arm amputated due to an infection.

A young boy was also seen leaving with the mother and daughter. Police believe the family then left the hospital in a black van.  They haven’t been seen since, and attempts to contact the family have not been successful.

We can only speculate as to why the mother didn’t go through the proper channels to discharge her child. I can’t imagine that a woman would be in her right mind while watching her child suffer like this. Maybe the little girl wanted to leave. Maybe they had both had enough. We won’t know until the family resurfaces.

The news coverage is saying nothing of the legalities involved with removing a patient like this. It is certainly implied that the mother is being “sought,” but I really hope there are no legal repercussions to her actions. Most of all, I hope the family has found the peace they were obviously seeking by fleeing the child’s treatment like that. I would never want to walk a mile in that mother’s shoes – and refuse to judge any of her actions here.

(photo: hxdbzxy/ Shutterstock.com)

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