STFU Parents: Heart-Shaped Love From Parents On Facebook This Valentine’s Day

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3. Heart-Shaped Boogie


You’d think I’d be prepared for a picture of a heart-shaped booger after reading about Jaime-Lynn’s affinity for picking her son’s nose with a bobby pin, or after having unpleasant mental flashes of April and her extra long fake nails, but I really wasn’t.


GROSS. Eww. I know we all have boogers, and most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have dried nasal mucous in the shape of starbursts or hexagons or whatever, but this is nasty. This image should not be posted on Facebook. It should be posted on a weird fetish site for people who get off on booger shapes, because that’s who can actually appreciate it. Well, weird booger fetishists and moms like Jaime-Lynn and April. Seriously, what kind of person stares at whatever came out of her baby’s nose long enough to notice it’s a “heart shape,” much less reach for a camera to snap a close-up to post on Facebook? Maybe Jamie-Lynn should get into scrapbooking.

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