Homework Fail Asks 7th Graders To Determine Whether A Wife Cheated On Her Husband

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When most of us sit down to help our kids with their homework, we figure the worst we’re in for is a bit of algebra we don’t remember, but one Virginia mom ended up discussing something slightly more risqué. According to CBS affiliate WTVR, Patricia Galvan was helping her seventh grader complete an assignment for his science course’s genetics unit when they came to a question asking students to determine whether or not a fictional woman had been faithful to her partner. The question read:


The students were then expected to use a Punnet square — a diagram that determines genetic outcomes — to figure out if Orville was indeed the father Opal’s baby.


I tend to be more laid back than most in my opinions on discussing sexual realities with kids, but even I found this a little bit whacky. Couldn’t the teacher just ask if Orville is the father of the child and leave it at that? Do the students really need to ponder whether or not Opal is lying and how that fits into the complex tapestry of her relationship with Orville?

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