STFU Parents: Heart-Shaped Love From Parents On Facebook This Valentine’s Day

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2. Stained With Love


Next time you’re not sure what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day, consider pissing the bed in the shape of a heart. It may be wet, but it’s warm, and if you’re lucky, it’ll stain the sheets forever. Now’s that’s love!

As an aside, how weird is it that I received the above submission as well as the one below from August 2013? FYI, this contest took place on the Merriam-Wester dictionary website, and the objective was to submit a photo to illustrate the concept of “serendipity”:


I didn’t realize that a pee spot in the shape of a heart was something a person might describe as “serendipitous,” but then again, I’m not a mom. Also, who the hell is judging contests on!

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