STFU Parents: Funny Parents On Facebook Are A Holiday Gift To Us All

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5. Kids’ Holiday Crafts


I have no idea what kind of DIY this is, buuuut it doesn’t look like it was found on Pinterest. Then again, it’s 2015 — maybe Penelope was leaving out some Christmas Eve treats for Santa? What else would a guy who needs to stay up all night want more than a gift of prescription pills? Milk and cookies? Please. Cut out a few lines of Adderall for Santa and you WILL get that pony you’ve been asking for.


Last but not least, we’ve got Christmas Poop, aka Mr. Hankey, aka crafty Rudolph before his antlers fell off. This ornament appears destined to get hung on the tree for the next 50 years. Just look at that craftsmanship! It kind of looks like a narwhal that’s been sprayed with a shit hose. VERY festive for the holiday season, and perfect for the non-traditionalist. This kid has made his parents proud enough to display a photo of his poop art on Facebook. Isn’t that what embracing the holiday spirit is all about?

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