Your Local Montessori School Is About to Get Even Harder to Get Into, Thanks to the Prince George Effect

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kate-middleton-topfeetOh my God, do you not have a Fair Isle sweater and a vintage nutcracker and some blue short pants? What are you doing! Hurry, put down that Starbucks and comb your child’s hair, because we all have to queue up to get our kids into the nearest Montessori school we can find!

Sorry, just experiencing a little bit of Royal Panic this morning, because Kensington Palace released the official Royal Preschool plans today, and the world is going nuts to Google “Montessori” as quickly as possible, because that’s where the little prince (no not that one, the other one) will be spending the next couple years, and now everybody is going to want a piece of that sweet Montessori action.

Prince George’s academic schedule was announced on the official Kensington Palace Twitter account early this morning:

I would dearly love to know how many calls and applications that school received this morning, but unfortunately that information is probably lost to the ages, because the school is being very dignified and British about the whole thing:

“We are looking forward to welcoming George to our nursery where he will get the same special experience as all of our children.” the Westacre Montessori School said in a very restrained and dignified announcement. (But you just know the headmaster did a little dance and sang, “Yeah, baby!” before quickly pulling it together and re-dignifying himself.)

Montessori is a very popular educational approach developed by Italian educator Maria Montessori. It focuses on independence, and encourages children to learn by exploring and interacting with their environments. (In my experience, said environments are usually very clean and full of child-sized furniture and things like brightly colored blocks for small children to interact with and explore.) It’s a popular option among parents, and it is probably about to get a whole lot more so. If the news that Kate Middleton prefers a certain baby sweater can cause sweater sales to spike across the globe, just imagine what the world will do when it hears that she decided a Montessori school was the best choice for the future King of England.

I was already planning on exploring Montessori for my baby when she was big enough. Now I’m really regretting not having put that application in last week.

In other royal baby news, because I was very good last night, the universe has answered my spirit board and delivered a brand-new photo of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and it is adorable.


 (Via Twitter/Kensington Palace) 

Man, I just can’t with those kids. They’re so cute! I thought I was done after one baby, but Princess Charlotte’s little cheeks are absolutely killing me. I want to squeeze them! But then I would wind up in the Tower. It might be worth it, though.