STFU Parents: Woe Is Mom: Here Are The Drive-Thru Rules

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4. Drive-Thru HOV Lanes


Haha, Lisa, are you a stand-up comedienne, because you just made me L-O-L! I love the way you describe this supposed “track,” which would basically create vultures out of moms, encircling the Starbucks until their turn finally comes ’round. This is SUCH a clever and funny idea. I love it. Let’s petition for the legislation to help make this happen! At the very least there should be two lines at drive-thrus — one for folks who are in dire need of one because they’re disabled, geriatric, or um, have a crying baby… and then another line for all the indolent losers who can’t put on their big boy and big girl pants and walk their listless butts inside!!! This two-lane application might even bring communities closer together, since moms in their cars will be less pissed off at random strangers. Next stop: world peace!!

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