Convenience Store Clerk Is a Hero for Saving Baby When Its Mother Had a Seizure

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baby-catching-convenience-storeA quick-thinking convenience store clerk became a hero this week when she caught a baby whose mother suddenly had a seizure, and the whole incident was caught on the store’s security cameras.

Rebecca Montano was working the cash register at an Alta convenience store in Arvada, Colorado, this week when a young mother came to buy a soda. She was carrying a very cute baby in a peaked hat, and Montano said hello, and they chatted a bit, and Montano made some faces at the cute baby to get it to smile. Then Montano started to notice something was wrong.

“I wanted to make the baby smile because I love babies, I am a mom and grandma,” she said. “I look at the mom and she has a blank stare and something in me said something wasn’t right.”

The mother’s face had gone blank, and Montano thought something seemed off, so she asked, “Is everything OK?”  Then she reached out and grabbed the baby’s arm. The mother did not respond to either, and that’s very unsettling, because a stranger reaching out and grabbing a baby by the arms would normally elicit a strong reaction from the mother holding it. The fact that the mother did not seem to see that a stranger was grabbing her baby was enough of a red flag that Montano basically leaped into action, reached across the counter, and grabbed the baby as the mother collapsed backwards.

The whole thing happened very quickly, and it’s extremely lucky that Montano did not freeze in the moment, because the baby could have been seriously hurt if she had been dropped from that height when her mother collapsed. But because Montano was there, the baby girl is totally fine.

According to Yahoo News, the mother came back later to thank Montano for helping her and for saving her baby. She reportedly told Montano that she’s had seizures since she was a little girl. That has to be terrifying for her. It’s pretty stressful to even watch the video, even knowing that Montano saved the day.

Also, while it looks like the dude in the video is utterly overwhelmed and panicking at the sight of the situation–which he might well have been–he reportedly ran for help or to call 911. He didn’t actually just flee the store in a blind panic as soon as he saw the woman collapse, it just looks like that from the way the video is framed.