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Someone Needs To Tell Tila Tequila That A Baby Can’t ‘Save Your Life’

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Tila Tequila Says Baby Saved Life I know picking on Tila Tequila is sort of low-hanging fruit, and I’m truly happy the Singaporean-born reality TV star is so thrilled about her pregnancy. I’m not really sure why Tila is so famous, I know she was on MTV, had a sex tape, and then tragically lost her fiancé to diabetic ketoacidosis and then attempted to take her own life and suffered a brain aneurysm. That’s a whole lot of drama for any mama. Tila recently took to her Facebook page to announce that she was expecting a baby.

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Which is sweet and cute and all the best to her right? You go girl. Be happy, enjoy yourself. It’s just all the subsequent postings and interviews that have me raising an eyebrow a bit.

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Tila went to rehab in 2012, and she recently spoke to US Weekly all about her life and sober living now:

“My side of the story has never been truly told over the past five years, as I have kept so much bottled inside of me,” she tells Us.

“It has been quite a painful journey for me, and I never thought I was going to make it out alive. So to be able to do a total 180 and finally be blessed with my first child gets me so emotional that I can barely even handle it,” she continues. “The only difference is that now these tears I cry are of joy, and no longer of sadness.”The first-time mom-to-be adds that she feels “finally healed” after “so many traumatic years” in the spotlight. “I truly feel that my baby has saved my life, and I will do whatever it takes to give my little baby the whole entire world!” she vows. “I know I’m going to cry so much when the baby is finally born later this year.

What worries me about the situation is that most people who have been to rehab can tell you that it’s sort of easy to get addicted to things other than drugs and alcohol, and it sort of feels like Tila is putting a whole lot of pressure on this new human being who isn’t even born yet. I can say that my babies saved my life, but it was only in retrospect. Claiming your fetus saved your life feels sort of bizarre for me because as we all know, babies can cause a whole lot of stress and anguish and loneliness and will she still feel so blissed out and giddy if she is awake at four a.m. with a newborn with colic?

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“I never knew such a love like this could exist, but I guess motherhood can truly change some people,” she tells Us of her future son or daughter. “I know it has definitely changed me, and I’m already thinking about having more. I just want my baby to be proud of me and to know how much I love him or her. To love someone else unconditionally is one of the best feelings in the entire world, and I hope I will have plenty more pregnancies to come.”


Settle down Gladys!  Why don’t you see how the first one goes before you start planning more?

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She is getting flack on twitter from some of her fans over all of this, and it’s pretty creepy:

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I don’t know much about Tila, and I can’t say anything about her personal life, but it seems that this pregnancy is sort of causing attention to shift back to her and if she truly wants to focus on being healthy and enjoying her pregnancy, that will be a bit difficult to do if she is back in the spotlight. Just yesterday Radar Online revealed the identity of her alleged baby daddy, who is a 42-year-old Georgia native, a dad of three, and a struggling musician.


“Tila is right around 10 weeks into her pregnancy, and yes ma’am I am the father of her/our baby. Tila has a wonderful relationship with my daughters Sierra, Jenna, and Brianna…and they love each other very much! We are all very happy about the arrival of a new edition to our family, and about the blessing of the birth of a child into the world,” Whitaker exclusively told Radar.

“Personally…it has been very rewarding to see how happy Tila is about being a mom. For me, there’s a deep satisfaction which comes along with seeing someone reach that kind of a place within themselves. Most especially for someone who has been waiting for that release in and from life, but has had yet to experience it.


I’m not naive, and I get that most of these reality stars will do anything to remain famous, and if you no longer have much of a career and the last thing you did that brought you attention was to compare yourself to Hitler, having a baby may thrust you into that media spotlight once again. Maybe a new reality show is in the works. Maybe she will become a mom blogger or live tweet the birth of her child. 

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