A Woman Smuggled a 4-Year-Old Onto in Her Carry-On Bag, So Airport Security Is Probably Getting a Talking-To

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FGRXCEveryone hates that person who tries to bring a way oversized bag onto the plane when it obviously won’t fit in the overhead compartment, but somehow a woman did one better and managed to smuggle a live 4-year-old child onto an Air France flight this week, and somehow nobody noticed.

According to The Local, the woman was in the process of adopting a little girl from Haiti. She was taking the child back with her to France, but they were stopped in Istanbul and the woman was not allowed to board the plane with the girl. Then the woman decided the best thing to do was to buy another ticket back to Paris just for herself, and she hid the girl in her carry-on bag. This raises a lot of questions, like how big was this woman’s carry-on, and how on Earth did she get a small child in a suitcase past airport security without anyone noticing? It seems like she must have gone through security if she bought a new ticket and a new boarding pass, and authorities say that the girl was not a ticketed passenger on the plane.

Even when she boarded, none of the cabin crew appear to have noticed anything amiss. The woman reportedly hid the girl in her carry-on until they were on the plane, then hid her under a blanket at her feet.

But then the girl had to go to the bathroom, and when she got up, the other passengers noticed and were like, “Wait, what?”

The other passengers alerted the crew, and French police were waiting in Paris to take the woman into custody after the flight landed.

Apparently the police say they are not at the moment pressing any charges against the woman, but she and the little girl are reportedly being held at the airport while police investigate WTF is going on with this case.

(Photo: Wikimedia/Philippe Noret – AirTeamimages)