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This Video Reply To The Steubenville Rape Case Will Give You Hope For Humanity

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youtubemodprimateThis came across my Twitter feed last night and after all of the rape in the news, the victim-blaming, the ugly ugly ugly ugliness of the Steubenville rape case, it made me realize that not everyone in the world is A-OK with the victimization of women. Now yeah, I know, most of the world finds rape horrifying and awful but when you are in the thick of it, as I have been these last few weeks, you sort of start to feel a bit depressed about the situation. As a mom who speaks at length to her sons about how to treat others, especially women, it brings joy to my heart when I see men who put themselves out there and speak out against rape culture, which is exactly what Mod Primate did, and he didn’t do it in an annoying mansplaining way.
[youtube_iframe id=”TQHsjYpYGwc”]

Depending on the age of your kids, and how much they have heard about the case from the news, I think this video is an excellent teaching tool to show your boys. The main message is how we need to stop making excuses that enable and normalize rape culture. I have made the argument before that it’s all well and good to teach our daughters how to protect themselves, we need to also focus our parenting energies on raising boys who don’t rape women. When men speak out against rape, and rape culture, and sexual harassment, it shows boys that not every man thinks it’s cool to treat women as objects, as playthings, as “less-than.” Women are pretty vocal about these topics. The more men who are as vocal as women are shows boys that this just isn’t a problem that effects women, it effects everyone.

I want to see more videos like this, and more articles written by men, and more men just speaking to their sons and friends about rape. Women have done this for ages, it’s great that more men are doing the same.

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