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There Is A ‘Private’ Facebook Page Dedicated To Calling Your Kid Ugly But You Shouldn’t Care One Bit

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85177524Up until a few days ago there was a private Facebook page someone started dedicated to stealing photos of kids off of people’s Facebook pages and posting them to the group so people could call the kids ugly and make fun of them. The most shocking thing about this story is the fact moms are shocked that this is going on. Of course stuff like this happens, welcome to the internets! People are rude and lame and just because people grow out of middle school they can still be jerk face bullies. From My Fox

Photos were sent to us from what we’re told is a private Facebook group where women, some mothers themselves, post pictures of other people’s children to make fun of them.

“Oh, it just makes me really sad,” said Kristina Young.

Under one photo of a baby, a woman wrote, “It’s hideous.”  Another woman commented, “You can absolutely not fix ugly.” Another wrote, “An ugly baby thread.. I have died and gone to heaven.  Why can’t you guys live near me so we can do this over cocktails?”

I’m a fan of the snark. I think you guys know this. I have no issue about making fun of the sanctimommies or the dudebros. But I think we can all agree that you have to be pretty desperate for new material if you are scouring the Facebook to find snaps of kids you can make fun of and call ugly. It’s just not even funny.

Our kids are all the most beautiful kids and the dumbest looking kids ever. I like to think my kids are pretty cute, and I am told they are, but then again, I am their mother. They will always be the most beautiful people on earth to me. And no photograph can capture their beauty when they are sleeping next to me or hugging me or saying something amazingly kind or profound. So it wouldn’t really bother me if someone called my kid ugly, because I sure as hell know better.

And I think you do too.

Let the bored bully moms have their cheap laughs and their unkind comments about kids they will never meet or never have the honor of knowing. If someone is that bored they have to amuse themselves calling stranger’s kids ugly than I doubt they have a lot of joy in their life. And that’s what’s really ugly.

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