Alexandria Goddard Tells Mommyish How The Football Culture In The Steubenville Rape Case Is Unlike ‘Any Other City’

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Alexandria GoddardThose of you familiar with the Steubenville rape case involving a 16-year-old girl and members of the Big Red football team are probably also familiar with Alexandria Goddard, the blogger who gave the case worldwide media attention by delving deeper into the story and reporting her findings on her blog, Prinniefied. Since the case has garnered worldwide media attention, Alexandria has appeared on CNN and Dr. Phil, as well as many other news shows. She took the time to answer my questions about Steubenville, rape culture, and how we are raising our kids in this digital age.

For our readers who are curious about you, tell me about yourself and where you went to school and all of those other nosy details.

I am 45 years old and will finish my BS in Psychology in the fall.  It was always important for me to finish my degree even though life sometimes gets in the way of doing so. I live with my two dogs, Winnie and Wilson.  I have been writing about true crime for about 10 years now and usually try to focus not just on the crime and those accused, but the peripheral players and the psychological aspect of it.  I present facts and incorporate social media into my articles and urge the reader to make an informed decision rather than relying on what mainstream media might offer them.

Growing up as the young Alexandria, did you always want to be a writer? What compelled you to start writing about true crime? 

No, I actually wanted to be an attorney.  Criminal cases have always intrigued me. I used to sneak my aunt’s “True Detective” magazines and read them when I was young.  The psychology behind the actors and those involved has always fascinated me and that I think is a large part in why I started to write about them. To try to find understanding myself and to compel others to talk about not just the crime, but what makes people behave criminally.

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