Elton John Is All Kinds Of Awesome When Talking About His Sons’ Surrogate

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Elton JohnEarlier this month, Elton John and David Furnish welcomed their second son, Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John, into the family. Now, the couple is introducing their little loaf of bread to the world in a People Mag photo shoot, which I would normally roll my eyes at, but I happen to find adorable today. It has nothing to do with the cuteness of the baby, who is undeniably sweet-looking, just like every other baby. The adorableness comes from John’s kind and thoughtful words about his sons’ surrogate.

The couple says that the minute they decided to have another child, they immediately wanted to use the same surrogate who helped them bring their first son, Zachary, into the world. Elton describes her as, “a wonderful, kind and loving woman,” and also, “part of our family.”

What’s more, hearing the couple describe the surrogacy process is really wonderful. Furnish explains, “We kept a scrapbook for Zachary with all his scans, emails with the surrogate and key moments from the surrogacy, and we are doing the same for Elijah. We want the boys to understand the spirit and love that was at the heart of the process.”

It sounds like such a wonderful gift for these little boys, so that they can understand how their birth stories might be a little different from others, but just as magical and perfect.

The practice of using surrogates to grow a family has gotten some high-profile endorsements from celebrities who are brave enough to open up about the process, hopefully combating some of the damaging stigma still associated with surrogates. Elizabeth Banks is another second-time celebrity parent who has been vocal about her amazing relationship with her surrogate. Giuliana Rancic‘s public struggle to have children highlighted the use of a surrogate, with the arrangement even becoming a central part of the E! News host’s reality show.

Elton and David join in the surrogacy supporters who hopefully will open people’s eyes a bit about this amazing practice.

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