Stadium’s Gorgeous New Nursing Suite Just Might Make You Want To Become A Baseball Fan

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The main point of attending a baseball game in person is the excuse of having a few beers in the parking lot beforehand and then a cup or two of overpriced Miller High Life in the stadium. But if you’re a new mom with a baby to nurse, and you actually enjoy watching baseball for the sake of baseball, joining your friends and family for a trip to a game might not hold the same appeal. You have to at least partially abstain from alcohol consumption, and when it’s time to feed the baby, you have to huddle on a hard metal bench while juggling your boob and/or bottle; or worse yet, on a toilet.

Unless you live in Cincinnati, at least. The Great American Ball Park, where the Cincinnati Reds play baseball, has completed a number of upgrades and renovations in advance of the 2015 season, and one of those changes is a brand new nursing station. The area, sponsored by Pampers and built by Fischer Homes, a local building company, provides ample space and all the facilities baby-feeding might require. Oh, and also? It’s kind of gorgeous. Take a gander at these pictures and try not to feel bad that a ballpark’s nursing room is nicer than your living room.


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