“Prosecco Drunk” Is a Real Thing! The Fizzy Drink Gets You a Different Kind of Drunk

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I’m more of a gin girl myself, but I can get down with a glass (or four) of prosecco. I live for the bubbles! Plus it makes me feel fancy while I’m drinking it out of a plastic cup on my couch. If you’ve ever had prosecco, you’ve probably been prosecco drunk. And you’ve probably wondered why the hell you felt different or hit your tipsy point so much sooner. Well, science is here to explain it all. Thanks, science!

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Science confirms, once and for all, that getting prosecco drunk is real. I can confirm that it’s fabulous.

The original research into this phenomenon goes back to 2001, but given how much we love the bubbles now, it’s gaining some new steam now. 17 years ago, Dr. Fran Ridout and her team of researchers conducted an experiment with 12 participants. Half were given two glasses of regular champagne, and half were given flat champagne (gross). The amounts given were adjusted so that each participant was given alcohol proportionate to their body weight.

The findings were fascinating. The group given the regular champs had higher alcohol levels than the group drinking the flat champagne. The experiment was replicated a week later, but the groups were switched. And the results were the same.

After about 5 minutes, the fizzy champs group had an average of 0.54 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter of blood. The flat champs group’s average was just 0.39 mg of alcohol per ml of blood. That’s a pretty significant difference! After 40 minutes, the difference in alcohol levels was still evident in both groups. The thought behind this is that the bubbles in our favorite fizzy adult beverages move the alcohol through the stomach and small intestine faster, so it reaches the bloodstream sooner.

If you want to sip on some prosecco but don’t want to find yourself prosecco drunk, drinking it from a shallow glass can help (the larger surface area helps dissipate the bubbles). So the next time you’re setting up for a game of prosecco pong, keep this tip in mind.

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