Ice Cream, Television and Others Distractions I’ve Employed Just To Take A Shower

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Who here is the perfect mother? Not me. I’m well aware that not every decision I make it correct. Sometimes I lose my temper. Others, I’m too exhausted to help my daughter build a castle with her blocks or wage a battle on the ferocious dinosaurs threatening her Barbies. I know that playtime is important and I should be helping her imagination grow, but I’m just too tired. Definitely not perfect.

But there’s one thing that can bring out my bad parenting tactics more than anything else. There’s one time of day where I pull out every no-no mommy trick in the book. Call me vain. Call me selfish. Call me every name in the book. But I have a hard time feeling guilty about the nefarious ploys I use to get myself a shower.

When I first had my daughter, I was a single mom. Let me tell you that hygiene ceased to be a top priority in my life. If it couldn’t be done during the few-and-far-between hours that my daughter was asleep, it just didn’t happen. Thank the Heavens for dry shampoo and ponytail holders. Let’s not even talk about trying to find time to shave my legs.

I know that I’m not the only one here. Moms everywhere have to come up with some pretty sneaky ways to fit in their fifteen minutes of hot water and bliss. Here are a few of my showering tricks over the past four years. Share your best distractions in the comments. I want to hear how sneaky you’ve been just to get a shower.