Dr. Andrew Rochford Undergoes Labor Experiment, Learns Childbirth Hurts

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Our friends at Bust Magazine bring us this fantastically wonderful experiment Dr Andrew Rochford underwent for the television program What’s Good For You to see what us lady people go through while giving birth. You guys have GOT to watch this, and then force your partners, husbands and baby daddies to watch this too. Spoiler alert: Childbirth hurts!

From Bust:

Guided by an obstetrician, Dr. Rochford decided to personally undergo simulated labor pains through low-voltage electrodes attached to his abdomen.  The voltage was carefully timed by a physiotherapist to mimic the contraction patterns of a woman giving birth for the first time.

Only two hours into “labor”, Dr. Rochford ranked his pain level as “an eight out of ten” and immediately accepted nitrous oxide to relieve the pain.  At three and a half hours, he was wrung out–and his smiling (female!) guides informed him that most women would have to continue laboring for another nine and a half hours.


[youtube_iframe id=”6AdFdmE9A84″]

Dr. Rochford has three children of his own and he wanted to undergo the experiment to see what his wife went through giving birth and to see if men or women have a higher pain threshold.

He exclaims in the video that he “hates contractions” and that the experiment is “almost too much to bear.”

After calling it quits just past the three-and-a-half-hour mark, Rochford apologized to all the women out there, including his wife, for thinking he understood what it was like to go through labor.

And the best quote of all:

“Men of the world, you have no idea. Leave it to the women.  Forget the whole pain threshold debate.  We have nothing.  Women win.  Men don’t.  The end.”

Someone needs to open up a business where pregnant women can send their partners in to experience this firsthand, and where sexually active teens can go to remind them to always use birth control. I have so much respect and admiration for women who choose natural childbirth. Just watching the video reminded me of my own labor pains, even with an epidural. I’ve always said that if men went through childbirth they would never complain about something silly like a headache again. Thank you Dr. Rochford for proving my point!

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