Sofia Vergara’s Lawsuit Just Took the Most Disgusting Turn, and Now She’s Being Sued by Her Own Embryos

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Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is embroiled in one of the most bitter and disgusting custody battles anybody has ever heard of, and it’s not over her only child, who is a full-grown 23-year-old man. It’s over a set of frozen embryos, and it’s just horrible.

According to CNN, in 2013, Sofia Vergara and her then-fiance Nick Loeb created some frozen embryos with the intent of having a child together. The embryos were never used, and the couple broke up. Now Loeb wants to use the two frozen embryos and turn them into children, even though the couple is no longer together and pretty clearly hates each other’s guts. Vergara does not want to have children with Loeb, and she wants the embryos destroyed. Vergara has been the single highest-paid actress on television for the past five years in a row, and she is now married to True Blood star Joe Manganiello.

Loeb has sued for the eggs so he can use them with a surrogate and raise the children.

Sofia Vergara’s lawsuit does not seem to make a lot of legal sense. Before freezing the embryos, Vergara and Loeb had both signed a contract stipulating that neither of them could use the eggs without the consent of the other. Loeb’s lawyers say that contract merely keeps the embryos from being used if Loeb or Vergara died. They say it doesn’t cover what happens in a break-up, and that’s why we’re all here now.

Loeb actually dropped his suit on Tuesday after a victory from Vergara’s team. Vergara’s lawyers asserted that Loeb had previously impregnated two women who had abortions, and they wanted Loeb to name those women so they could be reached for testimony. Loeb said that he would not name them, and dropped the suit when a judge told him to do so.

That didn’t end things, though. It just made them weirder.

It is hard to imagine how this situation could have gotten any more horrible, but according to Page Six, Sofia Vergara is now being sued by her own embryos, for–of all things–denying them access to their trust fund.

The right-to-life lawsuit was filed in Louisiana, the very pro-life state where Loeb went to college and where a fertilized egg is considered a “juridicial person” until it is put in someone’s uterus. The lawsuit says that a trust fund has been set up for the embryos–which the lawsuit decided are named “Emma” and “Isabella”–and that by denying them life, Vergara is denying them access to their trust fund. (ed. This is fucking ridiculous.)

The new suit has been filed on behalf of the “plaintiffs”–the embryos–along with trustee James Carbonnet, who is apparently the trustee of the trust fund in question. “They” are suing Sofia Vergara and asking for the embryos to be given to Loeb so they can be turned into children and thus receive their trust fund. It’s not clear who James Carbonnet is or how he’s related to Vergara or Loeb.

This sounds like something out of a dystopian sci-fi show, and it just keeps getting worse.