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Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Has Twins, and He Gave Them Some Pretty Unusual Names

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Attention all Supernatural fans–and I know we have quite a few here–there are some new Winchester babies in the world! Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles’s wife just delivered a brand new set of twins on Friday. Those kids will be hunting demons in no time.

They have good names for demon-hunting, too, because Ackles and his wife, One Tree Hill star Danneel Harris, gave the kids some pretty unusual names. The new babies are a boy and a girl, and their names are Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes.

Zeppelin is a name that contains multitudes of interpretations. It could be a tribute to the band Led Zeppelin. It could be a reference to the giant German airships from the turn of the 20th century. But Ackles says it’s neither.

“There’s a knot known as the Zeppelin bend, and his cord was tied around him,” Ackles explained at a convention in San Francisco over the weekend. The Zeppelin bend knot is called that because it was a kind of knot used to moor airships, so he’s still tangentially related to the aircraft.


One notes, however, that Ackles was talking about all this at a convention in San Francisco on Sunday, and his wife just had twins on Friday and has a 3-year-old at home. Phew! That’s a tough schedule. It must be difficult to take time off when there are a bunch of passionate fans waiting to see you in San Francisco, but one imagines that his wife probably had some help wrangling all the children back at home.

Zeppelin’s not an unheard of name in celebrity baby circles. According to She Knows, the lead singer from Korn also named his baby Zeppelin.

Zeppelin’s sister is Arrow Ackles, because their parents knew they wanted an alliterative name for the girl, so they just went through words starting with A until they decided that they both liked Arrow.

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before these kids start hunting demons, too. Supernatural is currently in its 12th season, and I don’t think it will ever go off the air. We’re all going to be in our 90s in nursing homes watching Supernatural and The Simpsons. That doesn’t sound like a bad way to go, though.