The Idea Of Child Robots Being Used To Treat Pedophiles Doesn’t Sound Logical To Me

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Child Robots To Treat PedophilesAs much as I love this Brave New World and the idea that technology is advancing each and every day and that one day in the future we may all have our own little robot companions I can’t get behind the idea that using child sex robots to treat pedophiles like methadone is used to treat heroin addicts is a good idea. As a mom and a woman I find nothing more vile than child predators and rapists, and even the idea of using metal and silicone computer humans to reform pedophiles upsets me. I’m not sure anything can be used to reform these people, and I have been known to say we should send them all to rat island where they can victimize each other and eat rats.

Unpopular opinion? Whatever. I have no desire to be popular amongst those who view pedophilia as an “illness” – because to me there is no greater crime than those perpetrated against children. According to Forbes, this brave new treatment may be coming soon:

Arkin said that while he doesn’t approve of child sex bots for recreational use, he’d like to see them used for research purposes. “Child-like robots could be used for pedophiles the way methadone is used to treat drug addicts,” said Arkin. He said research should be done to test the effectiveness of such a treatment. “There are no presumptions that this will assuredly yield positive results – I only believe it is worth investigating in a controlled way to possibly provide better protection to society from recidivism in sex offenders,” he said. “If we can save some children, I think it’s a worthwhile project.”


I don’t understand how this logic works. I love cake. LOVE cake. I want cake all the time. If science invents some brand new cake that is healthy and low-calorie and tastes like normal homemade cake, I would eat the new science cake. But that will not stop parts of my brain from still wanting the real cake. I think the same sort of logic can apply to a pedophile who has access to child robots. I agree that protecting children is worthwhile, and if there was some sort of promise that any predator who had a child robot would no longer prey on actual children I could get behind it, but I don’t think that will happen.

The article doesn’t state how the robots would be used in the rehabilitation of sex offenders. Maybe if a pedophile has sex with one of these robots it automatically kills them and that’s how this science works. That I can get behind.

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