This ‘Mama Needs an Effing Nap’ Coffee Cup Has a Secret Punchline That Makes It Even Funnier

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It’s tough being a swearing mom. People expect you to start talking like Kate Middleton the moment you become responsible for a small human being, but it’s hard to un-learn 35 years of muscle memory. Sure, it’s easy to stop swearing intentionally. But it’s virtually impossible not to shout “Fuck!” when surprised by things like broken pots, spilled red wine, and election results. For any caffeine-loving, swearing moms on your gift list this year–yourself included–check out this wild “Mama Needs an Effing Nap” coffee cup from Buffalovely.

At first glance, this “Mama needs a fucking nap” coffee mug is a bit cheeky. Coffee mugs with bad language are not uncommon. Check out this accidentally obscene mug from the University of North Texas. But the joke gets even better when you drink it.

Coffee cup

Image: Instagram / @buffalovely716

These mugs are fantastic. The front says “Mama needs a fucking nap,” but the bottom says “ugh, relax. the kid can’t read.”

The mug is only $14, and it’s custom stamped so the number of children can vary appropriately. The default version of the mug says “Ugh. Relax. The kid can’t read,” but you can have it say “kids” if you happen to have multiple small people under your roof.

Buffalovely has other good housewares, too. There’s a cool sugar bowl that says, “Sugar. Not arsenic. Sugar.” And there’s a ceramic cookie jar or storage canister that says, “I am in no way obligated to tell you what i keep in here.”

Those of us who have kids that are old enough to read but who are still being super gross about washing their hands might get some use out of this soap dispenser. “You know what you touched,” it says. The ceramic soap dispenser is only $18, but that’s a small price to pay to get the residents of your house to wash their hands once in a while. For those who don’t like genital references even in the bathroom, there are also a few more-direct versions that say “Ugh. Wash your fucking hands” or “At least pretend to wash them.”

If you’ve got snarky moms on your gift list this year, this will certainly impress them.

(Photo: Buffalovely)