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I Lost All My Baby Weight And Now All I Hear Is I’m ‘Too Skinny’

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I didn’t feel pleased with myself, at the party, when so many people couldn’t believe how “skinny”  I was. I felt like a circus freak, instead of someone who had a baby 15 months ago. That’s more than a freaking year! Why are people so surprised when you lose baby weight? Trust me, being called “too skinny” is as insulting as being called “too fat.” First, genes do come into play. I come from a mother who is super skinny with fine bones. My daughter too takes after me and is super skinny, not because she doesn’t eat pasta, French fries, pizza – like I do – but because she was born that way! To me, it was almost as if these people commenting on me wanted me to still have baby fat.

I often wonder why are people so shocked when a super model loses all her baby weight within three weeks. It’s like being shocked to hear that – oh my god – a rock star does cocaine! Or, for that matter, a super model does cocaine. They are super models because they are super skinny and even after having a baby, their enviable genes come into play. A celebrity losing baby weight quickly is really NOT all that shocking at all. They have trainers. They have chefs. I don’t admire Tory Spelling for ‘admitting” about how she really lost baby weight. People seem to think, ‘Finally! A celebrity who admits she ate air to lose weight,” as if she were the first woman in the world to lose baby weight this way. Let us not forget that she lied. She lied to people about swimming to lose weight. I really can’t respect that, even if you come out after admitting you lied to us. When people ask me how I lost the weight, I actually have always told them the truth. I cut out all carbohydrates and all sugar. I didn’t drink any alcohol. Once I got the go ahead to start working out, I did so, religiously. That, along with my natural frame, made me skinny again. Was it fun? Absolutely not. But why do people have to comment on weight at all? It’s not a compliment, after 15 months, to hear how “skinny” you are, especially when you are at the exact weight you were before you got pregnant. Trust me, spending the night on the defensive, because people keep telling you that you are now TOO skinny, does not a fun night make. And, please, if you’re going to comment at all on my post-baby body, the least you can do is ask about my actual baby.

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