10 DIY Toddler Costumes Too Cute To Believe

We have discussed Halloween costumes quite a bit over the last few weeks. We have also discussed how toddlers are sometimes not the best candidates to take out on Halloween night because of their unpredictable nature. I know for me, the thought of going all out on an expensive costume for a 2-year old who may decide on Halloween night that it’s not happening was just ridiculous. To that end, I always bought something cheap and easy but they were never the world’s coolest costumes. In some Pinterest searching, I found so many adorable (and easy) DIY toddler costumes that made me regret the lame ones I bought when my kids were that age. See below for 10 of the cutest DIY toddler costumes:

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Adorableness

ninja turtle costume

(via anightowlblog.com)

Hell, my 5-year old would STILL love this! As it is, we’ve already bought him the canned Raphael costume from Target that he was begging for but I wish I had spotted this first. How cute and so totally easy!

2. Umbrella Bat

baby bat

(via mothernatured)

This is so totally creative- an old, black umbrella makes the bat wings. Even if you don’t already have a black umbrella I’m sure a cheap one could be had at Wal-Mart or Target.

3. Super Toddler

super baby

(via missbananapants)

I cannot get over how adorable this is. Your toddler boy probably already has pants and a button-down white shirt leftover from last Christmas or Easter (or you could possibly get hand-me-downs from a friend or cousin!). Find a Superman t-shirt, $2 costume glasses and make a cape and you are set.

4. Lego Kid

lego costume

(via thefrugalnavywife)

Cardboard boxes, tempera paint, glue and Solo cups? Sign me up! I know quite a few little boys in the 2-5 year old range that would go nuts for this! And what would it cost, $5? Love it.

5. Who-who’s The Cutest Owl Baby

owl baby

(via martinfamilytimes)

Ok, so this one is a tad more complex but you can use hot glue instead of sewing to lay out the felt feathers so it’s still pretty low maintenance and easy! And just oh so cute.

6. Your Little Cup Of Tea

tea baby

(via parenting)

Out-of-control adorable and ridiculously easy. Of course, your toddler probably has no idea what tea is but she also probably doesn’t know where her ears are yet, so whatever.

7. Cutest Lil’ Moose

moose baby

(via Buzzfeed)

If your little one already owns a brown fleece coat and you have a ratty old pair of cream/tan/brown/white knit gloves, this costume ends up being free! Bonus, if it’s a cold night, the costume keeps him warm and won’t be ruined by having to wear a coat.

8. How Much Is That Cheap-Ass Puppy Costume In The Window?


(via mommysavers)

Cheapy white Hanes sweats from Wal-Mart, cut out spots and ears from black felt, hot glue gun and done! Another one that will keep your toddler warm all night without the need for a coat.

9. It’s Scary How Cheap And Easy This Is


(via parenting)

If your kid already has overalls and a flannel button-down, then all you need are fabric scraps, a cheap hat and fake hay. I imagine this can be hot-glued too and if you can sew, more power to you.

10. The Least Creepy Skeleton Ever


(via homemadebyjill)

Got a black shirt and black leggings or sweatpants? Buy white felt and glue or sew on the bones. Cheap, easy, cute. The trifecta of toddler costume perfection.

(Image: Brocreative/Shutterstock)

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