While at the Emmys, Shailene Woodley, TV Actress, Said She Doesn’t Watch TV

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The 69th Primetime Emmys aired last night, and tv fans all over the world watched to see if their favs took home a statue. Obviously, one of the best parts about awards ceremonies is the red carpet beforehand. That’s when we get to see the dresses and suits. And that’s also when stars are asked random questions by reporters. It’s usually pretty harmless, who are you wearing kind of stuff. Shailene Woodley, who was nominated for her role in Big Little Lies, was asked about her tv viewing habits.

And her response had everyone saying, ummm sorry what?

“All my friends who watch TV, I always ask them when they have time to,” she said. “When do people have time to? I’m a reader, so I always read a book.”

So let’s get this straight. An actress, on television, at an awards show for television, WHERE SHE WAS NOMINATED, basically shits on watching tv. Way to know your audience, Shailene.

Twitter was obviously not here for this nonsense. The great thing about Twitter is that you can do it while watching TV!


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