Happy Sexualize Our Daughters Season! Or As Some Call It, Halloween.

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There are so many sexualized Halloween costumes for kids to choose from this year! As everyone knows, Halloween is sexy time, and you are never too young to start early. Some of these costumes are amazingly inappropriate, some are just plain stupid, and some wouldn’t even be that bad if not for the awful descriptions that accompany the costumes. Sexualized Halloween costumes for kids isn’t a new thing, but it’s something that parents go through every year, whether you are ordering online, shopping from a catalogue, or making a last minute stop at your local drugstore to grab whatever is left amongst the bags of stale candy corn and fake blood. I love Halloween. I love the nonstop horror movies that play on TV. I love oohing and ahhing over the kids that stop by my house and loading them down with candy. I love the pumpkin carving, the decorating my porch, the voices of kids as they laugh and scream as they traipse through my neighborhood. I just don’t love the sexualized Halloween costumes for kids that retailers expect parents to pick from. Your daughter can be a slutty witch or a sluttier witch. Or a slutty crayon.Here are my choices for the bad, the worst, and the utterly absurd.

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