$50 a Month Gives You Unlimited Movies … If You Have No Kids

Time magazine has a story about a new startup in San Francisco called MoviePass. Sounds like an awesome idea. Basically you give them $50 a month and you get to enjoy “unlimited” movies at a variety of theaters. It’s not really unlimited in that you can’t watch the same film twice or go to more than one movie a day.

But that’s not why I mention this awesome new startup. No, I mention it because I haven’t seen a movie in a theater since 2007, when my first child was born. When my husband and I dated — heck, even before we dated when we were “friends” — one of our favorite things to do was go see movies. Sometimes we’d see multiple movies in a day. We like art house stuff, action flicks, chick flicks, dude flicks, whatever. No movie was too good or too bad to escape our enjoyment.

That all came crashing down in the summer of 2007, with the birth of our daughter. And you know what? I couldn’t really care less. I mean, I loved going to theaters but now I’m perfectly content to watch months-old movies at home On Demand. (Side note: When I got pregnant, I asked my friends with children what I should do to prepare. My favorite response came from a friend who assured me I only needed a few onesies, some diapers and TIVO.) And even if I didn’t have On Demand, I think I’d be fine. My movie consumption has plummeted. I hope it goes back up a bit, but I’m not in anguish. And the fact is that — kids or no — I actually prefer watching films at home, on the sofa with my husband who makes the best jokes during movies.

Perhaps the situation relates to the fact that movies cater to childless single people. I get that, I was one once. But the drama of marriage and even the comedy of marriage are much more mysterious to Hollywood. It’s not that they’re not mentioned in movies, but it still seems the best movies aren’t focused on these topics. So go forth and get a $50 unlimited movie pass while that still sounds like a good use of your time and money. I’ll be watching such fresh hits as Just Go With It, the surprisingly not-bad Adam Sandler movie we watched the other night.

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