Proving Enabling Goes Both Ways With The Lohans, Lindsay Defends Mom Against Dr. Phil

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lindsay lohan dinaRemember when Dina Lohan appeared on Dr. Phil, slurring her words and getting all upset about “You People” who just can’t be nice to this poor Hollywood family? Yea, it’s hard for us to forget such a trainwreck too.

Well apparently the other half of the dynamic Lohan duo was not happy at how the television “doctor” treated her mother. Even though it’s pretty hard to deny that Dina was enjoying some type of mind-altering substance before doing a television interview, Lindsay took to Twitter to shame Dr. Phil. She tweeted,

“@DrPhil You should be ashamed of yourself. Whay kind of man takes advantage of a woman @her most vulnerable state? YOU are the fraud.”

I would love to share a screen cap, but the tweet has since been deleted.

The reason I think that this little bit of celebrity gossip is worth noting is because it demonstrates that ignoring responsibility for your own actions is something of a Lohan family trait. Claiming to be the victim of the world’s evilness instead of owning your choices is a shared quality between Dina and Lindsay. And I think it’s something that they seem to feed within each other.

Most of the times that the press starts to beat up on Lindsay, after she’s wrecked a car or stolen something, her mother gives an interview explaining that we’re just not being fair to Lindsay. Lindsay is put under enormous pressure and has all this scrutiny and we’re just waiting for her to screw up… No where in there does Dina normally admit that her daughter made a bad choice and might need to pay the consequences for that action.

Now, Lindsay shows that she’s willing to be the same type of enabler for her mom. Dina showed up for an interview under the influence of something, but it’s obviously Dr. Phil’s fault that he “took advantage of her.” There’s no mention that Dina should know enough to stay sober before granting interviews. There’s no mention that if Dina is vulnerable and in need of privacy, she probably shouldn’t be speaking to the media at all.

Personally, I really dislike Dr. Phil. Almost any television doctor or shrink  annoys me. I think these type of people are even worse than the likes of troubled starlets. TV “Doctors” who diagnose and discuss celebrities they don’t know or treat feed off of other people’s problems. In a battle of the Lohans versus the Dr. Phils of the world, I might even root for the Lohans.

But it’s hard to support someone who completely ignores their own shortcomings. It’s hard to give the benefit of the doubt to two women who always give themselves benefits and who never accept any blame at all.

I’m sure this is a learned trait. Lindsay is mirroring behavior she’s seen from her mother her whole life. The sad thing is that neither one of them seem to have a caring person who can snap them into reality and force them to take a little ownership of their situation.

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