Recovering Mom Wonders About The Breast Milk Impacts Of Doing Blow In A Bathroom Stall

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drunkmomMotherhood and addiction is a daytime segment that has been crafted before. Since it still seems to be culturally startling that mothers can possess the same array of complexities like addiction, stress, and mental health struggles as the childless, the formula never fails to make the morning talk show circuit. Nevertheless, during a segment on Jowita Bydlowska’s memoir, Drunk Mom, the interviewer didn’t waste any time getting to the whiplash-inducing cocaine and breastfeeding sound bite.

Bev Thomson on Canada TV opened her interview with the now sober Jowita by commenting on how “honest” and “unflinching” Drunk Mom reads. After getting through the predictable softies (was this difficult for you to write? Was this hard for you to put out there?), Bev goes right for the doing randomly found cocaine in the bathroom part. To her credit, this is also reportedly how the memoir begins:

“I struggled with reading it, and I only say that because it starts right away. I open the book and the first thing that I’m reading about is you as a new mom doing cocaine that you found in a bathroom stall. And then starting a little bit later starting to worry about what about my breast milk. And at that point, that’s when we realize that you’ve got a newborn at home.”

Jowita had been sober for three years prior to her relapse shortly after her son was born. The new mother relapsed when, to celebrate the birth of her son, somebody offered her a glass of champagne. And apparently, it all went down hill — and down into this memoir — from there.