Kate Middleton Wears A Pretty Pregnant Polka-Dotty Dress That Sells Out In Mere Princess Minutes

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pregnant kate middleton polka dot dressPregnant Kate Middleton‘s maternity style! Everybody freak out! If she’s not wearing super chic pregnancy shawls, than she’s wearing totally classic polka-dotted dresses from Top Shop — that everybody else is buying!

Gossip Cop reports that the Duchess swung by Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in London along with Prince William and her Las Vegas loving brother-in-law Prince Harry. (Such studios is reportedly where Batman and Harry Potter were filmed). But in addition to nailing an adorable wand-waving family photo op, Kate was wearing a polka-dotted dress that even mere non-royals can purchase.

Well, not anymore.

Daily Mail reports that that the £38 dress is currently out of stock. Because “within an hour” of the polka-dotted princess leaving her palace, us serfs had already bought every single garment that Top Shop had. (No word yet on whether back-ordering is available).

But, at six months pregnant, Kate Middleton’s July due date looms — and, at least according to Snooki, it’s never to early to start planning for that delivery room glam. Assuming that the Duchess doesn’t already have a ruby-encrusted hospital gown already in the works, I’d like to suggest these chic numbers. While I think the pregnant princess would look fetching in nearly any of these prints — FYI, Kate they do custom orders! Grab a swatch of that polka-dotted dress and have it transformed into a hospital gown STAT.

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