The Entire Class Of 2032 Will Be Named After Frozen

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elsa frozen calm downSo long, guys! I am going to quit my job and start a business producing little personalized bicycle license plates that say Elsa, because all the babies in the world are going to be named after Frozen characters, and I will make a fortune.

According to Baby Centre, the Disney movie propelled the name Elsa from relative obscurity right onto the top 100 baby girl names of 2014. Elsa is a beautiful name, and I used to go to school with one who was very nice and grew up to be a seemingly very happy and successful young woman. But even though Elsa is a very pretty name, if you name your baby Elsa in the next few years, everyone will think you named your baby after Frozen.

A clever trick would be to name your daughters Anna, because in a classroom full of Elsas, the one Anna will be the most popular girl in school.

As we all know, Frozen isn’t just for girls, and that means Elsa and Anna aren’t the only Frozen babies running around, either. According to The Daily Dot, Kristoff has jumped onto the popular boy name charts, and so has Olaf. Yes, people are naming their baby boys after Olaf the comic cartoon snowman.

Sven, the reindeer, did not merit a spot on this list, which is kind of a shame because I’ve always thought guys named Sven were hot.

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