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This Viral Scary Sonogram Photo Is Legitimately Terrifying

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So, here’s the thing about sonogram photos: they’re not great. Sure, for parents and loved ones, they’re adorable! But let’s be honest: they’re almost all freaky looking. I stared at the scary sonogram photo from both my pregnancies for hours, imagining what the weird little schmeared face would look like once it came out. In the best case scenario, the nurse rips that little paper from the printer, hands it over, and you come to terms with the claymation baby staring back at you.

Or, in the case of one mom in Australia, you look at the picture and almost shit your pants because it is that terrifying.

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Twitter user @sharni shared her scary sonogram photo, and at first glance, it’s not OK. Not at all.

What even IS that? And why is it so angry?

First of all, never get a front-facing image during a sonogram. Just, never. Baby’s profile? Yes. Their little feet and hands? Oh god, yes, those are delightful. But their faces are…not ready to be photographed. There’s a lot of developing that still needs to happen before they start looking like cute little babies, and stop looking like something out of a nightmare.

Someone on Twitter noticed a very disturbing resemblance between the baby and He Who Shall Not Be Named, and wow. Cannot unsee.

If you’ve had a sonogram, chances are, you have your very own scary sonogram photo. Redditor _ItsAllRelative shared this amazingly terrifying image of his child in utero, and NOPE.

scary sonogram photo

Image: Imgur/_ItsAllRelative

Or maybe you see a sonogram picture that will have you sleeping with one eye open, like this one!

That eye, though. Staring directly into your soul.

We’re sure all of these demon babies came out super adorable and not at all in need of an exorcism. Do you have a scary sonogram picture? Show us in the comments!

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