Mattel Unveils Line of Role Model Barbies for International Women’s Day

Ok, these are AMAZING. Plenty of people have plenty of issues with Barbie dolls, but they’ve really made an effort over the years to evolve. We have President Barbie, Astronaut Barbie, Doctor Barbie. The dolls aren’t just pretty (unrealistic) dress-up things anymore. But Mattel has really outdone itself with the newest line of role model Barbies. In honor of International Women’s Day 2018, the toy company announced 17 new dolls. The dolls are modeled after inspiring women around the globe and throughout history. The women they chose are definitely worthy of being shero dolls.

The role model Barbies represent different women in history and around the world. Women who’ve shattered glass ceilings, busted through doors, and paved the way for us all.

The 17 women chosen by Mattel represent achievement in several different sectors. There’s a chef, a dancer, a gymnast. Scientists and explorers and artists and athletes. In a time when plenty of parents worry about the types of role models their kids are exposed to, these 17 real and amazing women give them someone to look up to.

The line of dolls includes Sheroes and Inspiring Women. Barbie introduced the Shero line in 2015 and has honored women like Misty Copeland. This year, they added Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding Chloe Kim to the lineup.

role model barbies
Image: Mattel

There are three new additions to the Inspiring Women series: Amelia Earhart, Katherine Johnson, and Frida Kahlo.

role model barbies

role model barbies
Images: Mattel

My oldest got the Women of NASA Lego set for Christmas, so she obviously needs Katherine Johnson, right? And she loves art, so Frida is a must. Honestly I just need to buy the entire line of dolls. One for her, and one for me.

Some of the dolls are currently available on the Mattel website, but keep an eye out as the others are released! Your kids are going to want these.

(Image: Mattel)

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