The 8 People You Meet Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

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christmas shoppingThe final weekend of Christmas preparation is upon us. There’s just a few short days before reindeer are supposed to fly through the sky and all your presents are supposed to be wrapped and under the Christmas tree. For those prepared individuals who had presents bought a month in advance, this weekend is the culmination of a long road. They’re going to enjoy this time drinking cocoa and building snowmen with the kids. For everyone else, this weekend will be a 100-meter dash to the holiday, running from store to store and praying they offer free gift-wrap.

If you’re brave enough to hit the department stores this weekend, you’re going to run into lots of people. I mean that literally. They’ll be stepping on your heels and bumping bags out of your hands. You will seriously run into them.

Here’s a rundown of the people you’ll find out there in the craziness of last-minute Christmas shopping. From frantic fathers to manic mothers, they’ll be a lot of stress. Here’s a list of the people you should be prepared to deal with.