Tom and Abby From ‘Queer Eye’ Are Back Together, Because Love Isn’t Dead After All

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I love me some Queer Eye, but the whole Tom Jackson/Abby story really broke me. He was so sweet! So earnest! So heartbroken. During his time with the Fab Five, Tom spoke so highly of Abby, and admitted that he was still very much in love with her. After his makeover, he and Abby went out on a date, and you have to admit, the sparks were flying. Well, all’s well that end’s well for Tom and Abby. When love is true, it finds a way!

Tom Jackson stole the hearts of viewers when he put himself in the very capable hands of the Queer Eye team. But it was one heart in particular that he still yearned for.

He shared this update on his Twitter account after his episode aired. Now, anyone who watched that episode could see that maybe things between Tom and Abby weren’t really over. Their date after his makeover was adorable, and it was obvious to everyone watching that there was something there.

Well, as it turns out, it was obvious to Tom and Abby, too. A couple of days ago, Tom took to Twitter again to share another update. But this one was MUCH better.

They’re back together! Forever! Because love isn’t dead everyone, just me! Also, how much of a stone-cold fox is Abby?! I can certainly see why Tom pined for her after all these years.

Fans of the show (and Tom and Abby) were besides themselves over the wonderful news. It’s like our own parents got back together, LOL.

Listen, when life and the world sucks, you look for any little bit of happiness you can find! And for a lot of us, that tiny sliver came in the form of true love reuniting Tom and Abby. We wish them a lifetime of happiness. And maybe the Fab Five can work their magic on me sometime, hint hint.

(Image: Facebook / Queer Eye)