What Your Favorite Christmas Song Says About You

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Christmas music. Everyone seems to have strong feelings about it whether they love it, hate it or feel that certain songs are a total abomination (*ahem* “Last Christmas” by Wham!). What you might not know is what you are telling the world about yourself based on your favorite Christmas song. Obviously, I felt the need to categorize you all and created this handy guide to let you know exactly what people are thinking when you gush over the Christmas tune you love best:

1. “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”- Elmo Shropshire


You might be sort of a jerk with a crappy sense of humor or you could be that goofy uncle who loves telling the kids they have quarters behind their ears. This one is a mixed bag.

2. “All I Want For Christmas Is You”- Mariah Carey


You are #basic with all things and your taste in Christmas music is the same. It’s worked for you since sixth grade and rocking out to it sure takes you back to shopping at the mall in 1994.

3. “Dominick The Donkey”- Lou Monte


You make a lot of cheesy jokes and probably say “bada bing, bada boom” a lot. You are likely an old Italian guy and possibly, from Brooklyn.

4. “White Christmas”- Bing Crosby

whiteh christmas

Bing Crosby is your homeboy and you probably enjoy all things nostalgic and vintage. If it isn’t broke, why fix it? This sweet, sentimental tune speaks to your inner Rosemary Clooney and just makes you feel all warm inside.

5. “The Christmas Shoes”- NewSong


You super-dig Hallmark channel, sappy, Christmas movies and you love an excuse for a good cry. Crank up the volume and bask in The Feels.

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