Mommyish Gift Guide: The Top 10 Best Retro Toys For Your Child Or Your Inner Child

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A lot has changed since you and I were kids — and we need only walk down a modern toy aisle to prove it. Our beloved favorite toys are now “retro toys.” Even you younger mothers out there should notice some pretty sharp upgrades to the standard kiddie toy chest. Obviously, a lot of it has gone techy; iPhones, Leap Frogs, iPads, Wiis, and iPods all seem to be popular with children as young as two years old. Which means that a lot of oldies but goodies like Mr. Potato Head, sock monkeys, and ball and jacks sets have officially been dated.

That isn’t to suggest that your kids wouldn’t enjoy an hour or two with a viewfinder instead of Netflix, or hopping aboard a red tricycle as opposed to a fancy kids-sized Mercedes. Who knows. There could even be a resurgence of retro toys on the horizon. But nevertheless, the heyday of toys like these has long since passed making them ironic additions to your holiday gifting given all the hype about the “hottest toys.”

Given the insta-memory jog, you may be the one buying all those viewfinder reels and perhaps rooting around your own family’s home for your once upon a time collection. But for the kid with the old soul who hasn’t yet displayed much of an interest in tweeting, one of these retro toys might just put you on top.

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