Snooki Takes A Cue From The Kardashians, Includes Her Birth In Her Reality TV Trailer

If you’re going to take your reality TV promotional cues from anyone, it probably should be The Kardashians. Those reality TV extraordinaires definitely set the “giving birth on TV” bar high with Kourtney Kardashian handing over her labor video — complete with patented vagina pulling — to E! editors. But it looks like MTV definitely took note of that promotional gimmick as from the looks of this Jersey Shore trailer, Snooki will be following suit.

In this promo for season two, Snooki’s transition to motherhood is put front and center as we’re treated to the obligatory hectic car ride to the hospital scene, followed up with her delivering baby Lorenzo. But it seems that Snooki — or the producers — at least opted for a closed door as Lorenzo entered the world. (To which, I can almost hear Kourtney Kardashian saying “go big or go home.”)

There’s even some strategic footage of the new mother seemingly partying post-baby, just to engender some knee-jerking in all you sanctimommies out there. Be enraged all you ladies who think it’s blasphemy to “sip margaritas at 9:30 on a school night.” MTV is hoping you’ll tune in and hand them a big stack of ratings gold.

(photo: Judy Eddy/

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