Remember The Dead Squirrel Girl? Her Mom Speaks!

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Do you remember the Dead Squirrel Girl? She was the really cute little one who found a dead squirrel in her yard and adopted it as a pet (before her parents could bury it). If you need a refresher, here it is:


Okay, so the response to this video was not universal love. Various folks freaked out about how dangerous it is to pick up recently deceased wild animals. It was featured on the always respectful Tosh.O show. It also received over a million hits (several of those may have come from the Hemingway household, admittedly.)

In response to the video, the mother decided to launch a really interesting, only-in-Florida YouTube career. Which began with a rambling, incoherent mess of an explanation … which you can see here:


Sample line: “It’s way easier to say or be hateful words than to actualize one’s true potential. It’s so much easier to look at someone else’s life and criticize it point out the flaws or take the time to be hateful toward individuals or groups. It’s facile, it’s easy, it’s even tempting. But in the end what do you want to be remembered for. I believe it only breath to change the course of your history.”

Hoo, boy! Or how about:

“Satisfy your soul’s curiosity into the now.”


“Divine inspiration knows no laws, only what the mind closes around it.”

Seriously, you can smell the patchouli wafting off your computer screen.

But the best come in the form of Hula Hoop videos. They are absolutely enchanting. I defy you to not put these on an endless loop all day. I prefer the beach in the daytime version:


A friend is addicted to the fiery Hula Hoop at night version:


So, uh, all the best to the Dead Squirrel Family and their YouTube venture. (via Daily Dot)