Prince Harry Just Got His Chances At The Crown Bumped Thanks To Pregnant Kate Middleton

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Soon-to-be uncle Prince Harry no longer needs to be sweating that crown. Thanks to sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s procreative efforts, the  line of succession just got a little bit longer. Hope you weren’t jonesing for the role, little brother.

People magazine reports that the British soldier, currently stationed in Afghanistan, will be taking a back seat come the birth of his little niece or nephew:

Following the currently reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth, the next in line is Prince Charles, followed by Prince William and then Harry. But with the birth of a baby – regardless of its sex – succession will go from Prince William to his heir and then to Harry.

Nothing like a cute little bundle of royal joy to get in your way of succession — provided that Prince Harry even wants a crack at the crown. I would assume given those nudey pictures taken awhile back that perhaps a quest for the title was not really high in Prince Harry’s priorities. Hell,  for a younger sibling disinterested in that whole scene, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is the best chance of fortune to ever befall a lackluster royal. Have another naked party in Vegas for all anyone cares. Unless Kate Middleton shows up flashing her baby bump and ordering daiquiris, nobody at this point would really give a damn.

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