Ew! Kim Kardashian Is That Girl Blaming A Mom’s Attachment To Her Kids For Her Cheating Husband

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kim and kourtneyI realize that pointing out a ridiculous or horrible thing Kim Kardashian says is pretty much the bottom of the blogging barrel. The woman says enough ridiculous stuff to keep every celebrity media outlet continuously posting Kardashian updates on the hour, every hour, on into eternity. But her latest shock quote is so disgusting that I just can’t let it go.

In a new scene from whatever reality show Kim & Kourtney are engaging in at the moment, Kourtney laments that her boyfriend, Scott Disick, isn’t home to have lunch with her. This somehow becomes a rather serious discussion between the sisters about Kourtney’s priorities and whether she’s giving her relationship enough attention. That’s when Kim says that Kourtney “only cares about the kids.”

When Kourtney explains that her children are her top priority, a sentiment that many mothers sympathize with, Kim advises, “You can’t neglect him,” and “He’s going to cheat on you, and it’ll be all your fault.”

Whoa there sweetheart!

I realize that the Kardashians aren’t really ones for personal responsibility, but let’s clear up a misunderstanding here. If a person cheats on their partner, it is the cheater’s fault. Even if a man isn’t getting the “attention” he might want or need, a mature and thoughtful adult would speak with their partner about that. They don’t cheat and then blame someone else. Cheating is a personal choice and the responsibility of the person who makes that decision. If they had a problem with their relationship that drove them to that choice, it was their responsibility to discuss this problem with their partner.

The idea that women need to be doting girlfriends or wives to “keep their man happy” is so ridiculously antiquated. It plays on a person’s deepest insecurities. It shifts the blame away from the person committing the action and betrayal. And any woman who tries to shame you with that nonsense isn’t really trying to help you.

The balance between taking care of your kids and prioritizing your relationship is one that many men and women struggle with. It’s an extremely personal topic that often brings out intense emotional reactions from every corner. But ultimately, it’s a family matter that each set of partners needs to address for themselves.

I don’t watch the Kardashian shows regularly. I have no idea of Kourtney ignores Scott or if they’re having relationship problems. But I do know that Kourtney might want to find a new sounding board. Speaking to her sister isn’t going to help at all.

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