Walmart Has Reese’s Bouquets For Valentine’s Day

Image: Walmart

We know it’s only the middle of January, but you know how it goes. The window to actually buy holiday-themed stuff and gifts is pretty short before the next holiday rolls into stores. Valentine’s Day is about a month away, but it’ll be shoved aside for Easter before you know it. So it’s best if you plan ahead and get your gift-buying taken care of now! But, before you buy anything for anyone else, might we suggest you buy yourself something nice this year? And by something nice we mean a giant bouquet of everyone’s favorite candy. Walmart (because of course) is selling a Reese’s bouquet this Valentine’s Day. Because who wouldn’t love a bouquet of peanut butter and chocolate? No one, that’s who.

We wouldn’t normally consider Walmart when shopping for V-Day gifts. But this Reese’s bouquet has put them firmly on the list.

reese's bouquet
Image: Walmart

Did you think we were kidding? Because we were not. For $44.99, you can have an entire Reese’s bouquet delivered to your home, for your sweetie or your sweet tooth. Not a bad deal, right? The bouquet includes 36 peanut butter cups, and is decorated with coordinating orange flowers and ribbon. And it’s all wrapped up in an orange vase. They had us at 36 peanut butter cups.

Looking for a bit more variety? Say no more.

Image: Walmart

For $37, you can get a slightly smaller bouquet that includes Reese’s peanut butter cups, mini peanut butter cups, AND peanut M&M’s. Forget real flowers and those fancy-schmancy boxed chocolates. Give us a bucket or basket of peanut butter cups and we would be very. very happy.

But what about the fellas? Or the person who doesn’t like Reese’s? If such a person exists, we mean.

Image: The Manly Man Company

That, friends, is a bouquet of meat. A jerky bouquet, to be exact. This meaty jerky bouquet from The Manly Man Company has both beef and pork jerky, and it is 100% edible. Yes, even the stems! It comes in 1/2 dozen and full dozen, and you can get it in original, teriyaki, spicy, or a mix of flavors. The 1/2 dozen will set you back $49, but you know what? Totally worth it.

Real flowers die, so give the gift that lives forever (on our thighs). It really is the best candy.


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